7 Tips to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

When it comes to moving, it's important to make sure you hire the right company for the job. There are many things to consider when looking for a moving company, from recommendations from people you trust to making sure they can adapt to your individual needs. To help you make the best decision, here are 7 tips to consider when hiring a moving company. The first thing you need to consider is your individual needs. Make sure the moving company you hire meets your needs and can accommodate all your belongings.

You should also check that the company has liability insurance to cover any damage or injury that may occur during the move. Additionally, make sure any contract you enter into covers fees and charges, the mover's liability for your possessions, pick-up and delivery dates, and claims protection. If you're moving large items such as an 8-bedroom house or a 20-unit office building, some moving companies may require a deposit. However, for most normal size moves, removals should not require a deposit. After the move is complete, it's important to check all boxes and items for damage.

Damages should be reported no later than 9 months after the move, but the sooner the better. When it comes to special items such as pianos, you will most likely have to hire a company that specializes in moving these large and delicate instruments. If your move is scheduled between June and September, the busiest time for moving, be sure to call well in advance to request quotes and settle a contract. This is because most moving companies come with optional insurance and have carriers trained to handle special items such as antiques. It's also important to consider additional charges for moving heavy or special items, up stairs, and anything that complicates the move or requires additional care and labor. If you have the money to pay for it or you have a way to cancel it, then hiring a moving company makes financial sense. Finally, if a company has been in business for some time, you can probably rely on owners to hire the right people for their customers.

So if you plan to move between May and September, be prepared to pay higher prices for professional moves. By keeping these 7 tips in mind when hiring a moving company, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly and that all of your belongings are safe and secure.

Tammy Rosener
Tammy Rosener

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