What month is the best to move in?

Peak moving season occurs in summer, and 80% of all moves in the United States occur between April and September. There's no doubt about it: you'll get a good deal in winter, especially during the months of January and February. Apartment complexes tend to lower rates in winter and moving companies offer incredible deals. You'll be better positioned to negotiate rent, and storage facilities often offer special offers during the winter months (if you're moving into a smaller apartment and need one).

The best months to move are November and December. This is when moving companies are the slowest, since children go to school and most people don't want to move during the holidays. Avoid the summer months, as these are the most expensive times to move. Winter is the best season to move because there are fewer people moving.

The peak moving season is in summer, where prices are much higher and moving companies have less availability. With home-selling season peaking in the spring and coming into summer, it makes sense for most Americans to plan their move between May and September. In addition, moving is hard work, and if you live in states where summer temperatures can be dangerously high or humidity can make it difficult to breathe, moving during the summer months may not be the best option. For starters, in most areas of the country, you simply can't beat the incredible weather during the months of September to November.

The actual time of year and other seasonal changes will ultimately determine which week of the month you should choose for the day of the move. If you have the flexibility to avoid moving on the first and last weekend of the month, I strongly recommend that you opt for a mid-month and mid-week move. And because it's slower, moving companies tend to be more affordable and more flexible with their mid-month scheduling. Most professional moving companies can help you follow these steps, and since the winter months are considered off peak season, moving in winter is generally less expensive and offers greater flexibility in scheduling.

This means that moving companies will be cheaper and more available during most spring months. Both local and long-distance moves can be stressful, but there are certain times of the year, month, and week that are better to move into your new home. Moving on a Saturday or Sunday can increase your costs due to increased demand for moving and the limited number of weekends in a month (especially during peak moving season). Allied Van Lines suggests planning a move “in the middle of the month” rather than a move at the beginning or end of the month.

With more people choosing to move during these weekends, you'd better opt for a weekday or weekend move in the middle of the month. Most leases are billed at the end of the month, so people are looking for an apartment and trying to move in those last few days.

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