What day should you not move into a house?

It is said that Friday and Saturday are the most unfortunate days of the week to move, whether you are renting or buying. And since the summer months are a popular time to pack up our lives and go somewhere new, we're taking a look at the source of this superstition of moving houses. Sunday is the least popular day to move, only 6 percent choose that day. This is followed by Tuesday, with only 10 percent of the movements made that day.

Therefore, Tuesday is our choice as the best day to move. It is usually not possible to move early unless the seller has already vacated the property. Naturally, the seller will not want you to move your items into the property while they try to get their belongings out. But if the property is empty, you may want to take possession early to clean it thoroughly, repaint the walls, or complete other tasks that would be more difficult after your furniture has moved.

Early possession also raises liability issues. Gina Roberts-Grey, who writes for the National Association of Real Estate Agents, says the seller is generally liable if a home is damaged or if someone is injured when the buyer moves their belongings to the property. Therefore, they may not be willing to allow a buyer to start moving until the sale is complete. Although these are sensible days to move home, Friday and Saturday are considered bad luck.

Indian tradition suggests that the luckiest day is Thursday. Moving on a rainy day is unfortunate in and of itself, as the process of keeping everything dry is a challenge. If you move on a Tuesday, you will minimize the problems caused by a subsequent transfer of funds, and you will also be able to choose between moving companies. It is possible to ask your lawyer to contact your mortgage lender and have the money for your move in the day before the transaction is due to be completed.

In addition, you will not be in a hurry, as you will be one of the few people who will move your belongings from one house to another on that particular day. In the particular case of moving with Strong Move, you can schedule the moving service for any day of the week. The Homeowners Alliance has conducted its own move-in day studies and found that 115,000 moves are delayed each year, usually due to a problem with liquidation of funds or sellers moving out of their homes too late in the day. From the first time you see your future home and throughout the negotiation process, you are most likely daydreaming about the day you can move into it.

Amazon Prime Day will arrive on July 12 of this year, but here are some early offers to buy for your home. You can save a lot of time and frustration if you move into a new home on days when most people don't normally plan their move. Many people prefer this day to move house, which means that it can become a mess if you also choose Friday. If the closing date is set a few days after the first day of the month, they may want to move early so they don't have to make another rent or mortgage payment.

The middle of the week is the best time to move, as these are the days when moving companies have the least amount of bookings. On the last Friday of the month, bank transfers can be overloaded and it's the peak time for transfer fraud. If you consider this superstition, you may also be interested to know that moving on a rainy day is also considered bad luck. The actual time of year and other seasonal changes will ultimately determine which week of the month you should choose for the day of the move.


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