Should movers get a tip?

Since tips aren't mandatory during the moving process, you decide the right amount. You can choose to tip moving companies at a fixed rate or give them a percentage of the total cost of the move. Tipping the moving company is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. A tip demonstrates to carriers that they did a great job during the process.

Because people who move have a lot of tasks to do in a single move, such as lifting heavy boxes and items, moving belongings up and down, running a lot, driving, getting organized, and much more, they have many more responsibilities that shouldn't go unrewarded. Tipping each moving company individually will ensure that your money reaches its intended recipient immediately after completing the work. In this case, you can tip the moving companies on both ends or tip the company directly with instructions on how you would like it to be divided. Carriers take care of your most precious belongings and ensure that they get from point A to point B without loss or damage.

Cash tips are an appropriate response to show your appreciation for people who move, but many people like to find all kinds of creative ways to thank people who move. People who move must also be held accountable for their efforts and cannot assume that they will receive a certain amount just because it is expected. Things have an interesting way of balancing out: moving professionals must automatically know how well they've done their job, so they can often tell if they're getting a generous tip, a normal tip, or none at all, even before you do. Below, we've created a chart to show what this might look like for your move, in case you're wondering how much you can tip people who move.

The ideal way to tip moving companies is to give each of them their own tip after the move. Just remember that you have no obligation to reward your carriers if they haven't done their jobs as real moving professionals. Carriers work hard and spend hours every day lifting heavy objects in and out of vehicles, so a tip is welcome and means a lot to the moving team. An additional tip is a good way to let the moving company know that their efforts didn't go unnoticed.

However, if this makes you uncomfortable, follow the general rule that you should tip people who move after they've completed the work. This will minimize confusion about how much each moving company should receive and ensure that there is no opportunity for dishonesty or that some moving companies are left with a higher share than others.

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