How much do local movers usually cost?

But keep in mind that other expenses will also be incurred, such as transportation fees, materials and gas. Find free moving boxes and supplies: An easy way to reduce moving costs is to look for free boxes and moving supplies at local liquor stores, large grocery store chains, collection points for recycling supplies, office buildings and schools. Stairs at the site of the initial move or at the new destination can increase moving costs, as they require more work for transporters and present a greater risk of injury or damage. Naturally, a local move will be cheaper, since you won't have to worry about additional costs such as fuel and the weight of the shipment.

Unless your local moving company is specially trained to move pool tables or small grand pianos, it may be wise to hire a specialist. Joy Hall, from Joyful Movers, in Cary, North Carolina, explains that you must fill out a bill of lading (BOL) before the move takes place, which will detail all the charges and fees associated with moving and valuing your belongings in the BOL. However, if you haven't worked with the moving company before, it's best to avoid volume-based estimates (cubic feet). Both local moving companies and long-distance moving companies offer a variety of services to make your life easier during a notoriously stressful time.

In addition, it's important to get moving quotes from several moving companies before hiring a company to move your belongings. In the case of a local move, you'll likely be charged per hour of work, so the most important factor will be the amount of things you have and how long it takes for carriers to load and unload the boxes. Anything that makes the move last longer or requires more physical effort on the part of the carriers can increase the cost. Unlike a local move, the price of a long-distance move is largely based on the weight of the shipment.

Rent a portable moving container: Renting a portable moving container is another great alternative to hiring full-service movers. Local moving companies can provide you with rough estimates of how much it will cost to pack your house.

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