Can you book movers a week in advance?

During the low season (September-May), you should be able to book good moves only 2 weeks or even 1 week in advance. If possible, book your move before that just to be safe. Depending on the season and type of move, you may need to book a few months in advance or a few weeks. Of course, you'll always want to book any type of move as soon as possible.

The key is to book at least three or four months in advance up to six months for international moves. It's because there are so many other things that need to be done that those who move require notice. It also makes a big difference if you move from neighboring countries, such as the United States to Canada, or if you go abroad. You should plan at least to book your move a week in advance.

This timeline ensures that you avoid a last-minute struggle to find a moving company. To make sure you're 100 percent ready for your move, check out our tips for quickly and easily packing your house for your next move. If you're moving across state lines during peak moving season, you must book your move at least 3 months in advance. It's always a good idea to let you know well in advance if you're moving special items that require a special mode of transportation or specialized moving supplies (so movers can make sure the necessary equipment is available on the desired moving day).

Any additional moving services required must also be scheduled in advance, so that carriers have plenty of time for completion and make sure everything is aligned. Ideally, you should book your move at least two months in advance, especially if you plan to move during the summer months. I like that you mention how hiring professional removals is a good idea if you are going to travel a long distance and if you don't have much help. When moving abroad, your carriers have to consider certain things, such as going through customs, as well.

While you should also consider the number of things you have to move, it won't stop you from finding a good moving company. However, doing so will be a big mistake: you risk being the victim of moving scams or leaving your belongings in the hands of incompetent carriers if you hire a moving company without investigating first. If you wait, you may not have many options left when you book your move, especially if you are moving to the other side of the country. So, for international, domestic, or inter-state moves, start calling eight weeks before and no later than four weeks before the move.

Booking your moves for the day before you have to leave or even a few days before it gives you a little leeway. But how far in advance do you have to book movers? How far in advance do you need a moving company to be able to adapt to your preferences? Is a month too soon? Is two weeks enough? Items like pianos or pool tables can end up ruining your plans if you don't get your moves out early enough. For an in-state move that doesn't occur during the summer, you can book four to eight weeks before your move date, with two months being the ideal amount of time needed. Lucky for you, they're as eager to book a job as you are to cross out “ugh, find a move off your list.

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